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Peka Mimosa has recently become a character of national importance.
Since she began his career in Palma de Mallorca, with simplicity and dedication, he has traveled a large part of the Spanish geography giving a boost to her personal and professional projects.
On the island where she grew up and with the promoters of the moment, she worked as the image of the night, sharing stages with artists of the stature of Mónica Naranjo, Soraya Ornelas, Rebeka Brown, Karina, Baccara, Sara Montiel, Paco Clavel or Paris Hilton.
Longing to go a step further, she packed her bags and moved to Madrid, where the program 'Un Mundo Por DISCOVERY' is lit, in which she and her team capture, through their objectives, comments, and interviews, great moments of today Social.
It was not until Gay Pride 2018, when audience statistics soared, raising Peka Mimosa as one of the most promising artists in the Community of Madrid.
With thousands of followers on the networks, it does not stop offering successful content, such as singles whose YouTube videos have reaped a great impact.
Events for television, cinema, radio, theater, exhibitions, and cultural events are some of the activities in which it is currently immersed.

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