Moncho Chavea

Singer of "gypsy trap"
Moncho Chavea, 29-year-old singer and producer, has millions of followers thanks to a style that mixes flamenco, hip-hop and reggaeton.

Velasco Jiménez is the original surname of Moncho Chavea and creator of Chavea Sound, a group that began its career mixing flamenco with hip-hop, ‘reggae’ or Latin rhythms. The result of that cocktail was what he calls “gypsy trap”. A combination with which he has built his own throne: he is considered the king of the genre, with millions of views on YouTube, concerts every week and almost 200,000 followers on Instagram.
Me encanta!! Muchisimas gracias, no sabeis la ilusión que nos a hecho! Un abrazo muy fuerte para Moncho que se a currado el video y gracias a Cleb por hacer esto posible.
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